With visiting to spa place, so you can feel more relax and free from exhausted. And if you are in Ubud, Bali to spend time of weekend with your time in Ubud, Bali, you can visit spa Bali Ubud to spoil yourself with some treatments that offer spa place. To help you in finding some best spa place in Ubud, Bali, so you can visit this sites namely SpaOnGo.com.

SpaOnGo.com can help you to find best spa place in Bali. This site can give you some information about treatments that offers in spa place, price, spa place location, facilities, etc. Besides that, you can order spa Bali Ubud pass through online in your smartphone.

spa bali ubud
spa bali ubud

These are some treatments that offer in spa Bali Ubud place such as pedicure, manicure, body scrub, body mask, Balinese massage, hair treatment, facial, flower bath, body massage, Aromatherapy massage, foot massage, and other treatments that can make you comfortable and relax. In Ubud, Bali has many spa places that give best service with offer the cheap price. T

hese are two names of spa place in Ubud that you can visit to spoil yourself and you can order with SpaOnGo.

  1. Visesa Balinese Healing & Spa

This spa place offers some menu spa such as Calming mildness with foot massage, shoulder, massage, and neck massage, then Beauty scrub with body scrub, herbal bath and foot wash. Next, Ritual Tapak Bandawara with foot massage, body massage, hand massage and foot massage. Then, Bali Rejang Massage with body massage and foot wash. Next, Rice Farmer Massage with body massages and foot massage, and other menu spa.

2. Dala Spa at Alaya Resort Ubud

This spa place offers some menu spa such as Balinese Massage with Balinese massage and aromatherapy foot bath. Then, Manis Klepon Single with Balinese massage, flower bath, aromatherapy foot bath and body massage, then Bunga Rampai Single with Balinese massage. Then Dala Signature Single with Balinese massage, facial and aromatic foot bath, and other menu spa.