Hi @Mirgaevagalinka

In case you still have doubts, I know I should have proven this long ago, here’s why River is legit and one of the best options on the market:

– we have a team of Social Media Managers who are working for our customers in all timezones. We’re not bots (who are getting banned one by one)! We’re here to help you grow!
– we have 3000+ satisfied customers and you can see what they think about our work here: https://rivergcenter.com/getriver-reviews
– Huffington Post named me and Karol (CEO & Founder of River) Social Media Pioneers, you can read a full story here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/simonetta-lein/dare-to-be-an-innovative-_b_13466658.html. Hey, you can also follow our daily life on Snapchat @asia.zukowska and @caughtinjoy!

And here’s the best part:
for 3 days you can have our River team work for you absolutely free. Sign up now: https://rivergcenter.com/go/river.

All best,

Asia Zukowska  

Co-founder, River by Colibri IO

180 Sansome Street, CA 94104, San Francisco