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The most common question I get about Vire is – “So, what you’re actually doing to help me grow my TikTok account?
Let me tell you ūüôā

Vire was created to make engaging on TikTok easier!

The Package is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to engage on TikTok and is operated by our experienced Account Managers, so you can sit back and relax or focus on other important things for your business. 

1.¬†We¬†can¬†view and like¬†your¬†targeted audience videos.¬†We’ll view/like around 300 videos a day with the hope that these people will view and like¬†your¬†videos back. The better hashtags you choose in Vire the better the results you get. This option allows to grow¬†your¬†likes, but in most cases,¬†your¬†Follower Base will grow slowly.
2. We can follow your targeted audience. This feature is not enabled by default. With this option, your Follower Base will grow faster. In this option, we will follow approx. 300 people a day and view/like around 300 videos. After 3 days we will start unfollowing these people and follow new ones.
3. We can leave comments on your behalf. This feature is not enabled by default. With this option, your engagement and Follower Base will grow faster. In this option, we will leave about 10 comments a day, and view/like around 300 videos. 

You can activate/deactivate the follow and comment feature at any time on your Vire account.

Try it out! I know you will love it!
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Check https://truevire.com/ and Fire up your TikTok account with Vire!

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