Hi @Mirgaevagalinka

#1: You don’t have enough time

As solopreneurs, we do not have much spare time to be focus on things that we aren’t good at or things don’t make us money. But, River Team will! So, that you can focus on doing what you love.

#2: You never quite got the hang of Instagram

So, you understand the social importance of Instagram but you aren’t actually aware of how to use it to benefit your business. Well, River Team can help you! Instagram has the potential to bring in targeted customers who were not previously on your radar. River Team brings in those clients and helps you start building your engagement with them today.

#3 You want to increase engagement with customers

If you’re currently doing all the things that you think you need to on your Instagram but your engagement is still sparse then it may be time to invest in River Team. We know the best ways to increase engagement and get your audience talking about your business.

#4 You’re not consistent with your posts

If you’re just posting sporadically, without any real strategy, then you may need the help of River Team. On Instagram, consistency is key. Unfortunately, posting randomly will not lead to followers, likes, and comments. If you only have time to post sporadically and you haven’t figured out the best strategy for your business, River Team will help.

#5 You no longer enjoy it

Did you remember when you once enjoyed managing your Instagram? And it’s just another thing to check off your ever-growing to-do list? Then I think it might be time for you to take on River Team. Doing something that feels like a chore that doesn’t even generate a lot of profit for your business is unnecessary when you can have someone who is knowledgeable do it for you.

But, it’s SO expensive. I know, I know. Hiring an Instagram manager/strategist isn’t exactly cheap. But you can try River Team for FREE for 7 days! Give us a try! No credit card required. Sign up for a 3-day Free Trial now: https://rivernext.com/go/river.

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Asia Zukowska  

Co-founder, River by Colibri IO

180 Sansome Street, CA 94104, San Francisco