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Here are the biggest lies about Instagram marketing!

Lie #1. Instagram marketing costs you nothing.

No. First, you’ll need to create fresh daily content. That adds up to 20-30 posts every month.
Second, you will have to plan all that work, and then respond to the comments that roll in.

People think Instagram marketing is “free” because all it takes is time and energy.
But your time and energy are valuable, and most business owners are short of time as it is. So, if you make the effort, you want it to be effective!

Lie #2. Followers are the primary goal.

Not if you know what you are doing. The size of your audience on Instagram doesn’t matter if no one is paying attention.

Having Instagram followers is sexy. Large followings make you feel good. But chasing after a large following can distract you from what really matters: engagement.
Engagement is what earns you sales, and shares, and having loyal customers. It leads to that level of interaction that says daily, “I want your product. I love your brand. I want to connect with you.”

Early engagement is particularly important because a flurry of initial activity indicates to the Instagram algorithm that a post is worth bumping to the top of other users’ feeds, which leads to even more engagement.

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Your work will then be much more effective.

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