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So, this is what happened when I tried Instagram bots.

The Good: They Boost Social Media Presence –

Instagram bots are designed to boost your social media presence without you having to lift a finger. Instead of you scrolling through your Instagram feed and liking, commenting, and following, the Instagram bot does the work for you.

The Bad: There Are Lots of Fake Accounts –

So, you might be jealous of Selena Gomez’s 128 million followers, but you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of reasons to believe that many of her followers are fake.

Back in 2015, 24 million Instagram accounts were fake. Later that year, Instagram conducted a purge which caused celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber to lose millions of followers overnight. But unfortunately, it didn’t solve the problem.

As an entrepreneur myself who knows the importance of efficiency, in this particular case, I would NOT recommend using Instagram bots to help grow your following.

So, What Can You Do Instead?

Wondering how you can grow your Instagram account without using bots? That’s would be a good thing!

#1: Do The Work Yourself –
While this might be considered “time consuming” (not to be confused with time wasting), it gives you the opportunity to really get to know your audience (and potential customers) in a way that you just couldn’t through automation.

#2: Hire a Virtual Manager –
You can find plenty of VM’s out there who charge various amounts for their services.

Or you can try River Team! Our Managed Package is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to engage on Instagram. It is run by our experienced Account Managers, so you can sit back and relax or focus on other important issues for your business.

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