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I work with fashion influencers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and models on a daily basis.
Because my main focus is to help you be more effective, save you time for more important things, and help you reach out to the right people about your product or service, I want to share the most common mistakes you can’t afford to make in your Instagram Marketing.

There’s No Link in Bio to Drive Traffic –

Of all the mistakes you can make as a brand on IG, not including a link in your bio is one of, if not THE HUGEST. Instagram gives you a whole space dedicated for a hyperlink (that means people can click it) so USE IT! Link to your store or a particular product page if you’re running a sale, for example. The easier you make it for followers to find your store, the more traffic you will get.

There’s No Description in Your Bio – Or It Just Boring –

What defines a BAD bio description?
* When it’s boring,
* all about you,
* or only about your products.

What’s even worse? NOT HAVING ONE AT ALL. It makes you look unprofessional.
What defines an epic bio description?
* It concisely describes the “why” or mission/philosophy behind your products
* or what you do/sell.

There Ain’t No Call-to-Action in Your Copy –

IF you want your followers to do something, you’re gonna have to flat out tell them.
Even if it seems very obvious to you … it may not be to everyone. So don’t let potential customers fall through the cracks by not directing them.
If you want them to visit your store, say “Click the link in bio to shop this look!”

Expecting Followers to Just Come to You –

Unless you already have a well-known, highly searched brand, then chances are your Instagram account won’t just be accidently found by potential followers. It’s up to you to bring them to you. How do you do that? You find them before others do!

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